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Wake Up To Perfect Brows - Microblading Lakeland FL

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Ombré / powder brows in Lakeland FL are the latest trend for permanent make up and suit

Powderbrows Lakeland FL

able for all eyebrows! Ombré powder brows gives the look of perfectly filled in brows, with a dark to light gradient. Unlike microblading which is done with a manual blade, drawing on thing hair-like strokes. Powder brows is done with the use of a tattoo gun and ink, depositing pixelated color throughout the eyebrow.

The result is semi-permanent, meaning it will last an average of 2

years before you will need a touch up Ombré / Powder Brows in Lakeland FL appointment.

With the ombre technique it gives an effect that appears like you have filled in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil or pomade.

This natural eyebrow look allows you to go through the day with confidence and without losing 20 minutes in front of the mirror every morning!

Give yourself that youthful fresh look that you may have lost due to too much plucking so many of us are guilty of. Don't let bad brows hurt your confidence!

Your eyebrows shape your face, and you will see that you will look younger with the right eyebrow shape and fullness.

Ombré / powder brows in Lakeland FL is ideal for women who have their own eyebrow hairs, but still want more shape and color, and want to get rid of the daily filling in with powder or pencil.

Our sterile needles are disposable and specially designed to provide you with the most natural shading technique on your eyebrows.

Bye Bye pencil, Hello shading!

Tired of having to reinstall henna brows every few weeks? Then semi-permanent make-up is the ideal solution for you. Semi-permanent make-up stays for at least two years and still looks very natural.

Ombré / powder brows in Lakeland FL Benefits:

Suitable for all skin types

Very natural powder effect

Wake up to perfect brows

No damage to the skin

Very easy to apply

No bald spots

No scars

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