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The Difference Between Ombré / Powderbrows, And Microblading Tampa

The difference between the Ombré / Powderbrow and the Microblading Tampa technique is that hairstrokes are created with a blade while microblading, and a tattoo machine is used to shade for Ombré / powderbrow. This gives a naturally fuller filled in eyebrow look, while microblading will give a more hair-like appearance. It is very common for clients to refer to all eyebrow tattoo techniques as "microblading," so it is important to have them clarify which they are actually looking for.

The Ombré / Powderbrow Tampa technique is especially suitable for women who have a lot of brow hairs. Microblading Tampa on the other hand, is more suitable for women who have fewer hairs of their own or have bald spots in their eyebrows.

Ombré is a semi-permanent makeup technique that is still relatively new. The Ombrébrow creates a gradient from dark to light; the front of the eyebrow has a lighter complexion and is more lightly pigmented than the tail of the brow. It gives a make-up look that is still very natural, which is why it is also referred to as Powder Brows.

The advantages of Ombré / Powderbrows Tampa:

Very natural powder effect

Suitable for all skin types

1.5-2 years beautiful visible result

Waking up every day with perfect eyebrows!

No damage to the skin

The advantages of Microblading Tampa:

Natural hair-like strokes

Suitable for normal to dry skin types

1.5-2 years beautiful visible result

Waking up every day with perfect eyebrows!

No damage to the skin

Who Is Ombrébrow most suitable for?

Ombré eyebrows are suitable for all skin types, but oily and mature skin in particular work the best. In addition, it is especially suitable for women who want to maintain a natural look. You no longer have to draw and color your eyebrows, you get to wake up every day with perfect eyebrows! This saves you so much time in the morning.

What is the procedure like for Ombré / powderbrows and microblading Tampa?

During the intake for your appointment we first discuss your wishes and expectations. Then I will start drawing the desired shape of your eyebrows and together we determine the color that best suits your face and natural hair color. When it is to your satisfaction we then start the treatment and your new eyebrows will be pigmented. The entire treatment and intake takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. At the end of the treatment you will receive aftercare instructions, which you will also receive in writing.

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