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Does Permanant Makeup (PMU) Hurt?

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

As a PMU specialist in Lakeland FL, I often get the question: ''Does Permanent Makeup (PMU) hurt?"

Microblading Lakeland FL

In this blog I go a little deeper to answer that question. In addition, I will also give you some tips against the pain!

First of all, it really depends on where the PMU or tattoo is placed. For example, where the so-called 'cupids bow' is experienced as slightly painful on the Lips, and considerably less compared to the sides of the lips. The same principle applies to getting a tattoo. I found the tattoo under my arm close to the armpit particularly more unpleasant compared to my clavicle. It also depends on the length of a tattoo; how long has the artist been working for? Is it a large or small design, with or without color, many or few details. All in all, the pain you may or may not experience with PMU is very much dependent on where. No matter where, there is never extreme pain, and it is important to remember you will be numbed!

Tips against pain when putting PMU!

A good night's sleep is an excellent remedy for pain. Sometimes that is a bit difficult to control, maybe you find it so exciting that you can't sleep. Children who wake you at night or partners who snore, ect. Try your best to get quality and enough sleep the night prior to your microblading appointment in Lakeland FL.

Healthy food!

Lying in the treatment chair with an appetite is never a good idea. Even the best Microblading artist in Lakeland FL will injure you with a needle and your body will work hard to produce endorphins against the injury. This hormone is released during physical exertion and pain and is a natural pain reliever. Giving your body a helping hand with some resistance is important, not talking fast food, healthy food with lots of vitamins! Vitamin A, C, D, Zinc and Iron will help you with this. Not only is the content of food important, but also how it fills you. We all get grumpy when we're hungry. Make sure your stomach is well filled and also take something with you to eat in between or afterwards.

Painkillers without a prescription

You can help your body by taking some pain relief. Acetaminophen is an excellent choice for this. Avoid Ibuprofen and Aspirin. Both have a blood-thinning effect, and this can affect the end result of the PMU treatment. If you decide to take acetaminophen start a day in advance and take the desired amount (500 or 1000 mg) every 6 hours. Always check with your doctor if you are taking any other medication to make sure it isn't causing any harm.

Avoiding Menstruation

This is of course not always in your control. If you have already had an appointment for a few months and you suddenly have your period, you will not cancel the treatment for this. Just know that if you are menstruating or about to start menstruating, the session will be more sensitive.

Meditation, relaxation and breathing

If you are more sensitive to pain then you quickly put your body in tension, which makes everything hurt even more. Therefore, you should try to find a comfortable position where you are not so tense. Keep breathing in and out, especially when it becomes more sensitive. You can bring a headphones or earplugs to put on an audiobook or music. It is helpful to try out some mediations prior to your appointment for practice so that when it comes time to get your brows done you already have the skills to relax.

Comfortable clothes

Wear loose-fitting clothing such as lounge wear to your appointment. This allows you to better relax and find a position without having to lie on buttons, frills, straps and buckles.

No alcohol, drugs or CAFFEINE

This should be a pretty obvious that it will thin your blood. Your body also has to work hard to get this out of your system, so that less energy can go to the pain-fighting of the tattoo or PMU. I know we all love our Starbucks, but it can cause more bleeding than necessary, and we do not want that!

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